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Diamond Shapes


Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?


The first shape is a round brilliant diamond, which references its circular shape and brilliant-cut facet arrangement.
The round diamond is the most popular of all diamond shapes. Throughout history, there are many instances where these valuable diamonds have been exchanged by kings and queens as a token of love, peace, and mutual respect. With the De Beers group bringing the aspect of a round diamond for the center stone of an engagement ring, this diamond shape has made the mark in most engagement rings. The grace and splendor of a round diamond popularly make it the king of all types of diamonds. The round cut diamond consists of 58 facets, all cut in a uniform and symmetrical shape. How these facets align with each other is what gives this diamond the colorless sparkle. The inclusions in these types of diamonds are way better than the rest of the diamond shapes. 


Well, this diamond shape is exactly what it sounds like. Royalties especially princesses have a huge liking for these diamonds. History and many cerebral occasions have certified this fact. These diamonds are second to none and they are the most sought after diamonds after the prestige round cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are square in shape.

The princess cut diamond has 76 facets, embraced with the shine and qualitative aspects of it. You can also find rectangular pieces in these types of diamonds. Very much like round diamonds, the faceting in these diamonds is so perfectly designed so that you won’t find any inclusions or flaws in the princess cut diamond. The princess cut ring is one of the most esteemed choices for the center stone of the engagement ring.

There is a certain femininity behind the princess cut diamond. Women who love these diamonds love to be the center of attention. Most women connect the shape of the princess cut ring to that of the pyramids in Giza. They crave love and are always looking for romance. No wonder so many queens and royalties love this ring. It’s the ideal setting for the four-prong engagement ring style. 


Have you heard of the ‘hall of mirrors effect’ in diamonds? It is an effect created by the emerald cut diamond as a result of the interplay between light and dark planes. The emerald cut diamond is a step-cut diamond that has a series of small rectangular facets that look like steps or stairs. The class and elegance of the emerald cut diamond ring emerge from this unique way in which these types of diamonds are cut.  The emerald cut diamond shapes are widely acclaimed for their long lines and dramatic flashes of light. 
Women who love a great feature of an engagement ring will love the emerald cut diamond ring for its long and elegant body. Although a great choice for an engagement ring, you must consider going for an emerald cut diamond of high clarity. The shine and sparkle of emerald cut diamond rings look great as the clarity increases. You can sacrifice it with the color when going for an emerald cut diamond. 


The Asscher cut diamond is another fine example of a diamond with brilliant faceting. It resembles in texture to the emerald cut diamond with the popular step-cut feature. The unique X-shaped facts are what make these types of diamonds a stunner for the engagement ring. These facets are cut from its corners to its center culet thus adding a layer of depth to it. These diamond shapes go back to the art deco eras and are loved by women who love vintage pieces of jewelry. Do consider buying an Asscher cut diamond with higher clarities as they magnify the elegance of the engagement ring.


Not many agree with the marquise diamond having the shape of a smile even though most will agree with it. The marquise cut diamond is a diamond that captures the heart of each individual differently. For some, they look like the shape of an eye. Many others say that they are football-shaped. Nevertheless, this artistic rendition of the diamond adds a layer of emotional connection. Since they don’t resemble any fixed shape, women who cherish modernity and are in awe of artistic brilliance love the elegance of the marquise diamond. If you want to gift your loved one with a marquise cut diamond ring, make sure she loves uniqueness in designs. The 60 facets of the rounded marquise diamond bring these diamond shapes to life.


The oval diamond is a step down from the round cut. Women who crave uniqueness in their engagement ring will love oval engagement rings. These rings sparkle much like the brilliance of the round cut diamond. Another reason why women love oval engagement rings is that it makes the finger look thinner and longer. It goes well with most engagement ring settings. The oval diamond ring signifies the profound depth in your love and relationship with your loved one. It is this quality that has made it stand the test of time. 


Most of us are looking for that perfect balance in a diamond. We want to bet on a piece of diamond that has all the qualitative aspects to it and is also affordable. If that’s the case, then you don’t need to look for anything other than the radiant cut diamond. Radiant cut diamond shapes are cut in such a way that they produce both the brilliance of a round cut diamond and the purity of an emerald cut diamond. These types of diamonds in all sense indicate modernity for their equally laid symmetrical cut. It is a fancied selection for the center stone of an engagement ring, owing to the tremendous shine they deliver across all settings. The trimmed corners are also a fascination for women who love art and beauty. 
When compared to the princess cut diamond, the radiant cut diamond has a dominating look. Some people like to call the radiant cut diamond a hybrid variety as it is a combination of different diamond shapes. An emerald cut diamond will be the best choice if your loved one loves the long body of it. But if she desires the sparkle behind the round cut diamond and the long body shape, then the radiant cut diamond is a perfect choice. You can also try fancy colored diamonds with these diamond shapes as they capture the right amount of color.    


For more options of elongated brilliant cuts, consider the pear or marquise. Pears feature a full, curved side, called the belly, and come to a point, or a tip. The marquise shape is pointed on both ends with two tips and rounds out its belly at the widest section in the center. These shapes typically look larger than stones like round or princess because more weight is distributed in the surface area of the stone.These pear shaped diamonds are loved for the artistic brilliance of these types of diamonds. They render a magical elegance to the beauty of the ring. The teardrop shape of the pear shaped diamond is what gives such a steady audience for this famed diamond type. The pear shape inclining to a single point at the top of the stone is such a wonderful gesture of creativity. The maximum sparkle emitted from these diamond shapes owes to the 58 facets in these types of diamonds. 


The Heart Shaped Diamond is a symbol of love and romance. Because of its unique heart shape, it is widely used for engagement rings, pendants, diamond earrings, and other accessories. To achieve this diamond shape’s look, the cutting process is extremely delicate as it requires a perfect 1:1 ratio and a Modified Brilliant Cut technique that gives this diamond shape the same brilliance as the round shaped diamonds.


A cushion cut diamond is similar to a princess cut diamond. Other names such as the mine cut or old mine cut also speak of these types of diamonds. The only difference is that the corners are rounded in this type of diamond. In terms of popularity, the cushion cut diamond acclaims the third spot, just after the round cut and princess cut diamond. These diamond shapes have large facets to them, which is a result of the deep square or rectangular shape.
The modern cushion cut diamond reflects a softer light compared to the other types of diamonds. It clearly lacks brilliance in terms of lighting. But the soft lighting and look add a very romantic and emotional appeal to it. Women who are genuine and don’t look for glamor love this artistic rendition of cushion cut diamond engagement rings. The cushion-cut diamonds that are available today have 68 facets compared to the traditional ones that had 58 facets. The modern version of cushion cut engagement rings is a cross between the old mine cut and the modern oval cut.