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About Us

Kolmnurk is constantly innovating and finding new ways to discover and design the perfect Moissanite jewelry for every occasion.
It pursues simplicity, minimalism, attention to detail and high-quality materials, and advocates sustainable and green-sourced production methods.
Kolmnurk's designs are inspired by a wide range of sources, including but not limited to gems, architecture, nature and travel.
Because we know our customers tend to be very price conscious, has been built on a no-frills approach to selling moissanite-major jewelry. Our mission is simple: provide the absolute high-quality Moissanite and jewelry at the best price.

Its distinctive aesthetic lies in the commitment of a cool and refined design style which is embodied in colorful hand-cut gemstones and moissanite sets in sterling silver, rose gold and gold-plated, and the emphasis on craftsmanship and effortless wearing experiences.

Kolmnurk jewelry is full of modern style, with a strong West Coast art style, contains a relaxed and happy attitude, is a well-loved fashion jewelry brand.
Kolmnurk pays great attention to details and quality of the materials.Its production process and materials meet the REACH regulations of European Union and environmental standards in HK.
Kolmnurk makes efforts in making full use of recycled materials, espousing sustainable and green-sourced production methods.
Also, the strong production capacity of Kolmnurk's factory that well support distributors home and abroad.